MIP (Main Instrument Panel)


One of the components that take most of the space, but are also the most important parts of the MIP, are the screens. As you know, the two largest screens are used for the CPT and FO display of the ND and PFD. Since the most of the builders use an 18.5" screen, both the ND and PFD are displayed on the same screen. To avoid light overlapse, I've inserted a rubberband (with an adhesive side) around the screen and in the middle to seperate th ND and PFD. This creates the illusion that there are in fact two seperate monitors present.


Instead of using the standard deliver wireconnectors from FDS, I opted to used colored wireconnectors. This way each connection doesn't use a number as reference but a color. That helps for troubleshooting, if necessary. Each cable is labelled with a board/socket reference. So by color/board/socket, I can easily determine what is connected where (based on the configuration sheet [Documents/Schematics]).

Some progress pictures

Say Bye Bye to the power adapters!

Maybe hard to phrase it like this, but I've had it with the power adapters and cables on the floor. Even though it is not visible, because they are behind the scenes, a clean and tidy build do looks nicer and is easier to troubleshoot.
So, I've decided to install some DIN Rails and DIN Power supplies. More robust and less cables.
Below are some pictures from after the upgrade.

Final result (just needing to order and install the brake pressure and Yaw gauges.)